This information will probably not be useful to you. There is no shortage of Leica, but it can be different in use.

Here you will find information about Leica warranty service.
The warranty for Leica products ranges from 1 to 10 years depending on the particular product.

Terms of warranty service

M10, M, M-E, Monochrom, M-P 2 years
M7/MP/M-A years
S 1 year (you can continue by purchasing a service pack)
S lenses 1 year (you can continue by purchasing a service pack)
SL lenses 1 year (you can continue by purchasing a service pack)
D-LUX years
V-LUX years
TL, CL years
C year
X, X VARIO, X-U years
М-lenses years
Projector Pradovit years
Binoculars 10 years
Binoculars Geovid years
Eye to tube years
The trumpet 10 years
Rangeflight years
Sights 10 years


  1. WARNING! We accept only technical equipment that was purchased from us. Verification - by serial number.

  2. All equipment is sent for repair to the Leica plant in Germany, because Ukraine does not have a sufficiently qualified service center. For this reason, repairs can take from 4 to 12 weeks, depending on the availability of spare parts.

  3.     We accept commission for customs clearance and transport services in the amount of 80 euros (UAH equivalent), even if the repairs are warrantable.

  4.     According to European legislation, it is not allowed to send used batteries in the European Union. Please donate your equipment for repair without batteries. In the service they will be sent for disposal without compensation. See IATA document

Guarantee conditions

1. Warranty service is provided only with the correct and clearly completed warranty card, indicating the model, serial number, date of sale, warranty period, seal of the seller's company and the signature of the owner.
2. Free repairs are carried out during the warranty period specified in the warranty card, within the term stipulated by the current legislation of Ukraine.
3. During the warranty period, the buyer has the right to free of defects or defects in the goods associated with the production of the product.
4. The service center may decline warranty service in case:
- loss or damage to the serial number of the product;
- incorrect filling of the guarantee voucher;
- Detection of the Service Center of malfunctions caused by violation of the rules of operation, storage or transportation of the product, namely:
a) any mechanical damage;
b) detection of traces of vapor, liquid or chemical effects;
c) detecting foreign objects, liquids, insects, animals, etc. in the product;
d) malfunctions that have arisen as a result of accidents or force majeure circumstances, resulting in non-productive disadvantages;


- Detection by the Service Center of defects caused by improper connection of additional equipment or incorrect software installation;
- Identification by the Service Center of traces of third party interference, such as repairs by unauthorized persons, if such interference was not performed by an authorized service, as evidenced by the relevant documents;
- detection by the Service Center of the modification of the product not provided for by the documentation, or the discovery of non-original parts in the product that caused the product to be discontinued at work.

The absence of a serial number of products in the official supply database is the reason for the refusal of warranty service.
Warranty obligations do not apply to accessories with a limited life (batteries, accumulators, etc.), connecting elements (cables, adapters, etc.), glass, painted, plastic and enamel parts of the product and accessories are not depending on whether the accessories are a separate item or put into the product box by the manufacturer.
The warranty does not cover products not manufactured by Leica Camera AG, even if they are packaged or sold with Leica Camera AG products.
The warranty does not apply to software, data storage, passwords and other information.

5. With warranty and other service, the service center is not responsible for the security of the data of the buyer.
6. In contradictory matters, the parties are guided by the provisions of the current legislation of Ukraine.

If your product has been modified at an official service center with improvements to its functions or replacement parts, then the warranty for some products is extended for another year.